From: Kam Leung
To: webmaster
Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998 7:23pm
Subject: Pls write UNHCHR before 11/30/98

United  Nations  Association-USA  is  Concerned  about  Human  Right  Abuse  in  Indonesia

At the United Nations Association-USA Southern California Division Annual Meeting today, Mr. Fritz Hong was honored for bringing the plight of Chinese-Indonesians to the Association. In presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Hong, the Central Los Angeles Chapter cited him for bringing the atrocities to the UNA-USA's attention, and his role in organizing the Association's participation in the August protest at the Indonesian Embassy in Los Angeles.

The President of Central Los Angeles Chapter urged UN Special Rapporteur Coomaraswamy to look into the racial discrimination aspects of the May riots and to prevent the Government from using the ethnic Chinese as scapegoats again. Seventy-five signatures were collected from the Association members. These will be sent to the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights and Prof. Dr. Baharuddin Lopa, Secretary General, Nation Commission on Human Rights in time for the special Rapporteur's visit November 20-30, 1998.

Kam Leung,
President Central LA Chapter of UNA-USA and
Secretary of the Southern California Region.

P.S. Information from Messrs. Pius Chan, Committee for Human Rights in Indonesia, and Huang MinJi, Concerned Christians for Indonesia are deeply appreciated.

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Mr. Kam Leung

Mr. Fritz Hong

Mr. Huang MinJi