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 This message was received from Indonesia dated: Wed, 5 Aug.1998 20:09

Subject: The latest issues in Semarang (Centra Java) -->S.O.S. For all Chinese in the world
Date: Wed, 05 aug 1998 20:09:43
From: (Confidential)>
To: Webmaster August 14 -17, 1998, in Semarang will happen the human rights abuse and the ethnic's cleaning (especially Chinese ethnic).

I am telling you if in Semarang (Central Java, Indonesia), the ethnic cleaning happen and some (thousands of Chinese) died in this ethnic's cleaning; you must take the important action like:

1. stop all fund to help Indonesian government.

2. bring all of these case in Indonesia to the International Court of Justice (Many victims want to be your witness and you can get the prove by taking the photographs on the burning building) and give 'em the full punishment that they must took for this action and let the world know and decide who's the truth and who's the wrong side.

3. STOP INVESTING IN INDONESIA ( 'case their plans are to take all the Chinese's property and others). You mustn't wait anymore. We all ask and give our big hope on this website.

Please contact the Chinese people in Semarang for the evidence (for the truth of this information).

Their idea is, "They would rather suffered for 20 years than let the Chinese live in Indonesia).

Remember the action --> August 14 'till 17th, 1998 or may be more sooner from this date.