Don't let the sadness of your past and your fear of the future ruin your happiness.
I  am  strong  because  I  know  my  weakness.
I  am  beautiful  because  I  am  aware  of  my  flaws.
I am fearless because I've learned to recognize illusion from reality.
I  am  smarter  because  I  learn  from  my  mistakes.
I  am  a  lover  because  I  have  felt  hate.
I  am  happier  because  I've  know  sadness.

I realize that the future belongs to those who prepare for it.
I  will  develop  and  maintain  a  good  positive  attitude.
I  will  be  strong.
I  will  think  of  success.
I  will  be  enthusiastic  and  totally  self-reliant.
I  do  not  see  failure  as  failure.
I  will  think  positively.
I  know the only person responsible for my success is me.


I will be where I will be tomorrow because of the decisions I make today